About Us

Cooking-Hits, is the only recipe sharing web site that allows real people to upload fun, instructional videos of their latest creations and family favorites. Gone are the days of simply reading recipes, check out what people across America are cooking. Cooking-Hits.com is great for beginners who are just learning to cook, expert chefs who think they've seen it all and those that want to share their culinary prowness. You can follow along with the step-by-step video and actually see how a recipe is made, comment, rate and even rate other members!

The fun doesn't stop there! Cooking-Hits.com allows members to add ingredients and create shopping lists, search for recipes based on keywords or categories, such as events (i.e. bridal showers, holidays), ethnicity (i/e/ Italian, Chinese, Mexican), cooking techniques, health considerations and cost. Save or print the ones you like. Cooking-hits.com was made to share the fun of food.