Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cooking-Hits? is the only recipe sharing Web site that allows real people who are creative every day in their kitchens to upload and share fun step-by-step videos on their latest creation for free. Gone are the days of simply reading recipes. Actions speak louder than words, which is the belief behind, a new Video-based, recipe-sharing Web site. Learn the correct way to execute a recipe rather than simply guessing and hoping for the best, as the recipe creator walks you through it from his or her own kitchen. is great for beginners who are just learning to cook, as you can follow along with the step-by-step video and actually see how it's made.

What can you do on

You can engage in a community where foodies, wannabe chefs and hometown "stars" come for a one-stop food information and entertainment source
  • Make and read comments on individual recipes
  • Rate recipes you've tried and choose recipes to make based on user feedback
  • Send recipes to friends and family who may enjoy them
  • Save recipes for yourself for quick access at a later date
  • Engage with other food lovers, as the site connects to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter
  • Search and print recipes, ingredients, menu needs
  • Create shopping lists that are user-friendly and pocket-book conscious, as it allows you to add as many or as few ingredients from a recipe at a time
  • Connect with people like you who love to cook and love to share cooking tips
  • Share your own original recipes via video from your kitchen
  • Showcase your culinary star-power in as many recipe-sharing videos as you desire

What does Registering do?

Registering might be the best page you could have ever clicked on in the entire site. You dare ask why? This is the portal to all of the sweet culinary goodness that has to offer. This is where you give us a few little snippets of information and we give you the access to things such as a recipe box, personalized shopping list, user comments, recipe-rating powers and the ability to upload your own killer recipes, to name a few. Thus becoming a Cooking-Hits member. You won't really understand until you try it. Go. Hurry.

What If I just want to look for recipes, rate them or make comments?

Any Tom, Wally or Brenda can check out all the videos and recipes on If you want to be an active participant in the site, you can become a member of Luckily, once again, anyone can become a member of, at which point you can upload videos, create a profile, rate recipes and leave comments. Becoming a member also gives you access to your own recipe box, shopping list and all the other cool site stuff, just not including contest eligibility.

I have a great recipe but am not technically savvy, how do I do this video making stuff?

First-Time Users Help Guide


  1. Camera (Camcorder, digital camera, even some cell phones)
  2. USB wire/Fire Wire or DVD (this transfers your video to your computer)
  3. Editing Software (there may be one already installed on your computer like iMovie for Macintosh users or Windows Movie Maker. Others are available for free to download- check out or

Before you can upload:

  1. Make sure your format is one of the following: .mov , .mpeg , .mpg , .wmv , .rm , .avi , .mpe , .asf , .asx , .mp4 , .rmvb , .3gp , .3g2 , .3gpp , .dv or .qt (these cover a broad range of the standard formats that your software will output)
  2. please limit the size of your file to 15mb

Some trouble spots you may encounter:

  1. Editing your video. The software you use should have a help/tutorial section. You can also do a Google search to help find a solution to your specific problem.
  2. Your file size is too big.There are many options. Search the web and check your editing software- there should be information to help you there. Most software gives you options to compress your file. In Windows Movie Maker you can compress the size when you go to save your movie file by choosing the 'best fit to file size' prompt and inputting 15mb or less. In iMovie you can compress the file by going to Share menu and choosing the option for Web or Web Streaming. You may also be able to adjust how big your camera records your video- check your manual for instructions.

What tips do I need to know to make a great video?

  • Use a digital camcorder or the video function on your digital camera
  • Pre-prep your ingredients so everything is ready before you film
  • Make sure to take a close-up picture of your finished product
  • Keep each video under 4 mins and 15mb (megabytes) in file size (consult your editing software to help you reduce size, if necessary)
  • You may have editing software on your computer (like Windows Movie Maker) or search online for a free one to download
  • All kinds of recipes, as many as you want to upload
  • Please keep all videos in good taste, easy to follow and speak clearly.

Where do I upload a video?

You'll need to be logged in. The upload video form is located in My Kitchen, which is accessible at any time from the My Kitchen button on the left.

I uploaded a video and recipe, where did it go?

If a video is successfully uploaded it will appear in your recipe box with a "pending status". That tells you we have received your video and it is being review. Every video and recipe is reviewed before it gets posted. Depending on how much coffee we've had that can take anywhere from one (1) to five (5) business days.

I uploaded a video, but it's not in my recipe box. What's taking so long?

We have many people uploading videos so sometimes the traffice gets jammed up and takes a few minutes. The importand thing is after you hit "submit"- do not close your Cooking-Hits window.

How will I know when my video is posted online?

Once your video and recipe are reviewed you will be sent an email indicating that it was approved or the reason it was not. You can also check the status of your video by visiting your recipe box.

How do I rate a recipe?

When you are on that page for that recipe, just slide the frying pan to the number you think it deserves (from 1-100), then click submit.

How do I contact you?

For general questions or comments:

Business opportunities:

If you have a legal issue:

What's this? What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword that helps other people find your recipe. Here are some examples to help you out, but you can come up with your own if you think you can do better.


Easy, Freezable, Make Ahead, No Cook, One-Dish Meal, Pantry Friendly, Quick, Serves Two,


Healthy Weight, Heart-Healthy, Higher Fiber, Higher Protein, Lower Calorie, Lower Carbohydrate, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Fat, Saturated, Lower Fat, Total, Lower Sodium, Non-Dairy, Vegan, Vegetarian / Meatless, Wheat-Free,


Appetizer, Beverage / Cocktail, Bread, Breakfast, Brunch, Cake, Casserole, Comfort Food, Cookie / Bar, Dessert / Candy, Dip / Condiment, Frozen Dessert, Kid Favorite, Lunch / Light Main, Main Course / Dinner, Pie / Tart / Crumble, Salad, Salad Dressing, Sandwich, Sauce, Seasoning / Rub, Side Dish, Snack, Soup, Spicy, Stew,


African, Asian, Cajun / Creole, Caribbean, Chinese, Eastern European, English / Irish / Scottish, European, French, German / Austrian, Greek, Indian / South Asian, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Latin American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, North American, Scandinavian, Southern / Soul, Southwestern, Spanish / Portuguese, Swiss, Thai, Vietnamese, World,


Bake, Blend, Boil, Braise, Bread Machine, Broil, Crockpot / Slow Cook, Deep Fry, Freeze, Grill / BBQ, Ice Cream Maker, Microwave, Poach, Pressure Cook, Roast, Saute / Pan-Fry, Sear, Smoke, Steam, Stew, Stir-Fry,


Baby Shower, Back to School, Birthday, Bridal Shower, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, Cocktail Party, Cookout / BBQ, Easter, Fall, Father's Day, Football Party, Fourth of July, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, New Year's, Passover, Picnic, Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Super Bowl, Tea Party, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Winter

What does Cooking Method Mean?

Cooking methods are a way to identify how your meal is prepared- be it Crockpot, Baked, BBQ'd or zapped in the microwave. We recognize that sometimes you will use multiple methods for a single recipe. List your main methods, as appropriate.

What is the difference between Prep Time, Inactive Time and Cook Time?

Prep Time- the amount of time involved in preparing the ingredients prior to cooking (ex, chopping carrots)

Inactive time- the amount of indirect preparation time (ex, time needed to gel in a refrigerator, or marinade, or sit overnight)

Cook time- amount of time needed to cook or assemble (does not include prep time or inactive time)

What's a Display Name?

We value your privacy, so in order to keep your email address private, we have you generate a Display Name that you can be identified with. If you want, you can create your display name to reflect your awesome personality.

What's a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a picture (presumably looks like te size of your thumbnail on screen). For our purposes it is a picture of your final product. We ask that you take this picture because we use this as the image for your recipe in search results and browsing. For best results, make sure you take the picture in a well-lit area, and zoom in on your finished product. Pictures also tend to look best when on a well-presented plate (versus the pot you cooked it in). Please make sure your thumbnail is under 2mb in size.

Why am I being asked for my Date of Birth?

Legal schemgal means we need to make sure you're old enough to be participating on a site intended for adults.