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New Video-Based Website Allows Users to Browse, Post and Comment on Downloadable Recipes

CERRITOS, Calif.(June 15, 2009) - Cookbooks taking over the kitchen? Not enough selection on the tube? Finding recipe websites a snooze? is a new recipe-sharing website featuring instructional videos, uploaded by "real people" that make cooking the way it should be: fun and easy.

Launching today, is an interactive, informative, and entertaining website devoted to fans of food and people who love to cook. A user-generated site, is the only website that allows members to share their favorite dishes via short videos. In the comfort of his kitchen, John Q. Public (or his wife Jane) can now share his or her culinary creativity with the world, as well as comment and rate other members' recipes. For users to spread the joy of cooking and engage in a friendly food fight with other food lovers, the site also connects to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

"Whether you're a foodie, a gourmet chef or something in between, Cooking-Hits offers a one-stop food information and entertainment source," said Caroline Cotten-Nakken, President and CEO of Mass Connections, the marketing company behind Cooking-Hits. "We know the importance of connecting users and creating a community, which is why we are incorporating a social networking component."

Once a member, Cooking-Hits users can post videos, and search and store favorite recipes. The site allows members to add ingredients and create shopping lists, search for recipes based on keywords or categories, such as events (i.e. bridal showers, holidays), ethnicity (i.e. Italian, Chinese, Mexican), cooking techniques, health considerations and cost.

An easy-to-use interface makes it simple to upload "home-cooked" videos. Users can create their own 3-4 minute segments using most digital recording devices, including camcorders, digital cameras and even cell phones. First-time users can also access step-by-step instructions to help guide them through the process.

To view and/or upload videos and recipes, please visit For more information about Mass Connections, visit

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About Mass Connections

Based in Cerritos, Calif., Mass Connections (MC) is a woman-owned leading marketing company, connecting brands with consumers in store, online and in life. By utilizing innovative and unrivaled technology, MC responds to the need for accountable execution, implementing more than 1 million sampling events annually. At their site, more thatn 100,000 "Consumer Connectors" (screened, background-checked and trained) promote brands for MC clients. is the company's latest platform, which allows consumers to share original recipes via video from their kitchens. For more information please visit or phone 562-365-0200.

Deborah Leiverman-Rapoport

On June 15, 2009, Mass Connections officially launched its new cooking-based website - a recipe sharing web site that allows users to upload videos of their original creations.