Chocolate Ganache and Clementine Frosting
By Chef: MCFoodie
A touch of clementine orange citrus flavor to this decadent home-made chocolate frosting.
Prep Time:
15 mins.
Cook Time:
10 mins.
Overall Rating:

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Recipe Ingredients & Directions


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1 cup heavy cream
2 tbs sugar
2 tbs corn oil
1 lb chopped chocolate
1/2 stick room temp butter
3 small clementine oranges (zest)


Mix the heavy cream, sugar and corn syrup in a cooking pan and bring to a boil. After it is boiling, slowly start adding in the chopped chocolate; continue to whisk the mixture as the chocolate is melting. After you mix in all the chocolate, you will then add in the Ĺ stick of butter along with the dust of the 3 cuties (oranges). After these ingredients are mixed in, you will then set the pan aside and let it cool before serving.