Healthy Meatloaf
My famous meatloaf recipe that my family loves! Easy to make and healthier than you would think!
Prep Time:
15 mins.
Cook Time:
60 mins.
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Recipe Ingredients & Directions


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1/4 cup Flax Seed
1 pound Lean ground beef
1 pound lean turkey
2 eggs
2 cups oatmeal
to taste salt
to taste pepper
1 cup Organic beef broth
1/2 package meatloaf seasoning
1/2 cup White or Red Chopped Onions
1 cup pasta sauce
16 oz Cheese
Optional Spinach


Mix all ingredients up to Meatloaf Seasoning. Saute' or microwave Onions in butter (if preferred cooked)and add to meat mix. Spray or pour Olive Oil to the bottom of the pan. Split mixture in half and layer bottom of Loaf Pans, add cheese and Pasta Sauce as well as any other optional items (spinach, mushrooms, etc). Add second half of the mixture on top and sprinkle cheese. Then bake at 375 for 45-50 minutes. Enjoy!