Tri-Tip Sandwiches
For those who love to grill outdoors with good ol' fashion mesquite briquets, try this easy to make sandwich idea. Serve with your favorite hot or cold side dish. Tri-tip, good eatin'!
Prep Time:
60 mins.
Cook Time:
45 mins.
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Recipe Ingredients & Directions


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1 Tri-tip steak (weight/size to be determined by grill-meister)
- Barbecue sauce (marinate tri-tip for at least 24 hours prior to grilling)
As needed bread (thick rolls suggested)
As needed tomatoes
As needed lettuce
As needed avocados
- favorite condiments (highly recommend salsa topper)


1) Be careful, open flames can be dangerous especially if you're a big fan of lighter fluid. I recommend using pre-soaked briquets. Be mindful of your surroundings and children, set-up your grill in an open area away from high-traffic locations. 2) BEFORE igniting the charcoal, coat grill plates with cooking spray so steak doesn't stick to it during cooking. With marinated meats, I like to wrap the grill plates with aluminum foil then coat the foil with cooking spray. I believe this minimizes flare-up and potential burning of the bottom of the tri-tip, but choose to do so at your discretion. 3) Preheat grill to 400-450 degrees. Once that temperature is achieved, place tri-tip on the grill fat-side up; helps keep the flavor and steak moist. Let steak cook for 15 minutes with fat-side up, then turn over every 5 minutes thereafter; for a total cooking time of 45 minutes. That equates to 6 turns of the steak. 4) While steak is cooking, slice/cut/prepare other sandwich ingredients and any side dishes. This can also be done prior to cooking the steak. 5) After 45 minutes, steak should be cooked at medium-level. Adjust cooking time to your preference level of steak (medium rare, well done etc.). Take steak off grill and close up grill accordingly. 6) Cut steak in preferred serving size strips, then prepare sandwich and side dish. Start eatin'!